About me

Listen to my AI-generated voice:

My name is Ryan, and with a passion for technology burning bright, I set out on a journey to make a meaningful impact in the world. My computer engineering bachelor's from Coimbra, a vibrant student city in Portugal, was the starting point of my journey. I knew that to truly make an impact, I needed to expand my horizons as early as possible, and spent a final year studying at a prestigious university in Madrid, Spain.

But it wasn't until I took a leap of faith and joined a summer internship with iClio, a start-up in Coimbra's business accelerator, that I truly found my calling. In 2012, I released an Android app that reached an astounding 10 million downloads, cementing my decision to pursue a career in the world of Android.

With a thirst for adventure and a drive to constantly improve, I took on an internship at M2mobi, a software house in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. There, I learned to navigate the fast-paced world of agile teams, sharpen my productivity, and write code that was not only functional but beautiful. After completing my internship, I accepted a job offer in Lisbon, where I spent the next three years working on various projects, including a winning app in the Vodafone Labs Lisboa competition.

In 2016, I took another step and moved to London, where I've been living and breathing technology ever since. I've built Raffler app that gave away money daily, and at Verv Energy, I inherited an existing codebase, adding new features and reducing tech debt. I also built a greenfield project called Verv Connect, a predictive maintenance solution for appliances.

More recently, I joined Ary Restaurants to build an entire software solution in Kotlin, connecting restaurants to customers via a chatbot experience. And at Moneybox, I helped the customer experience mission team build a new feature called Financial Guidance, meant to help people buy their first home.

And now, with TurtlPass, a completely open-source software solution that generates deterministic passwords, I humbly offer my contribution to the tech community. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me next.