Ryan Amaral Android Engineer

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Ary Restaurants Chatbot

Verv Connect

Verv Energy

Watch Miner



Público 2016

20 Manual



Victron Energy

AMC Navigation



Let's Meet

Door Bell



WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

Numismatic Catalog

Hockey World Championship

Basketball European Championship

"I've had the privilege to be working with Ryan in mobile development related projects for more than a year. During this period Ryan has demonstrated an exemplar commitment, giving an exceptional technical contribute in the Android development area. He has faced and overcome enormous challenges on legacy code management and refactoring and has brought an essential technical input for the project success. Ryan has also shown to have excellent team skills, as an easy-going, constructive and caring person, even at the most stressful times."

João Fernandes

Head of Technology at Grupo Leya

"Ryan, great friend and college classmate, is a very disciplined, responsible and with excellent leadership skills and team spirit person, having the ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and tight deadlines. A professional with excellent high technical knowledge, always available to provide solutions to any challenge. Software development is his world, complete with Scrum techniques allied with IntelliJ IDEA and intensive use of Git. Java is his language of choice complemented with the use of JSON, XML, RESTful WebServices and SQLite. In mobile development raves about Android, which has shown great success due to their commitment and professionalism."

Sérgio Duarte Fernandes

Core and Access Network at Portugal Telecom

Companies I collaborated with