Ary Restaurants Chatbot

Ary Restaurants Chatbot - Order food with our Telegram chatbot

The chatbot is a standalone Android app entirely written in Kotlin that is optimised for Android Things (Android IoT OS) with supported hardware.

Ary Restaurants enables any restaurant with an ordering chatbot that provides a full experience, including card payments, without having the customer leaving the chat conversation.

To start an order the customer types “/start” and clicks on the “Start Order” button to see the restaurant menu. With the smart replies of the chatbot it is easy to select items from the menu. If the customer chooses to receive the order in a given address, the delivery cost is calculated based on the driving distance to the given address and the amount is added to the total cost.

The default payment processor integrated was Stripe that makes possible accepting all kinds of bank cards (credit + debit).

In-chat payments are only possible with the Telegram messenger app as well as this chatbot.

Once the customer pays for the order, the kitchen receives the order to prepare and as soon as it is marked as started, the customer is notified. The same happens when the order is ready.

When ordering with delivery, once the rider picks up the order from the restaurant it can be tracked with live location until reaching the final destination.

In the end of the order flow, is sent a rating request to the customer with 1 to 5 stars available answers (voting feature).

Project Details

Date: December 2020

Organization: Ary Restaurants

Package Name:

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Ary Restaurants Chatbot

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