GoWeezrd for Pokémon Go

Information is power. GoWeezrd is the simplest app to give you power by helping you analyse the information you need when playing Pokemon GO, to win! This app has information about every Pokemon in the Pokedex: Type and its Defense Effectiveness, Egg distance to hatch and Candy to evolve.

With this tool you’ll be able to know what is the Max CP (Combat Power), as well as the Max HP (Hit Points) your Pokemon can reach.

Last but not least, GoWeezrd lets you predict the CP (Combat Power) of the next evolution of your current Pokemon and access the catch and flee rates.

To get’em all, get’em wisely. :)

Project Details

Date: August 2016

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Organization: Personal Project

Package Name: com.ryanamaral.goweezrd

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